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To process multiple requests concurrently requires the DataPA Enterprise Service to have multiple agents; as one agent can only process a single request at a time.


A request can be an action such as

Executing a scheduled automatic refresh of a dashboard or
Responding to a request for published content by a user.


If the DataPA Enterprise Service receives a request, and all agents are currently busy, then the user making the request will receive an error message stating that all agents are busy.


However, if the "Enable User Agent Retry" option is enabled, then DataPA will retry to obtain an agent a set number of times - "No. User Agent Retries", with a set interval between attempts - "User Agent Retry Interval" - before returning the error message if still unable to procure an agent.


The "Suspend Service Auto Refresh", can be used to halt the servicing of all scheduled automatic refreshes. This option can be particularly useful, for instance, if you need to bring your system down for maintenance.


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