AppServer Details

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The AppServer Detail screen gathers data from the Connection's Appserver.


The screen show the DataPA Server Version and two Tabs, one containing general information, the other more detailed.



The 'DataPA Server Version' is the version of the DataPA Server that is running.


The 'Appserver PL Version' is the version of the Procedure Library running on the Appserver. This should match the 'DataPA Server Version'. If there is a mismatch DataPA may experience errors when requesting data from the AppServer.


On the General Tab the following pieces of information are displayed:-

The 'Hostname' of the connection
The Filename and location of the Procedure Library
The Filename and location of the Appserver Logfiles


These pieces of information can be useful when diagnosing AppServer related issues.



The Advanced Tab lists the Appserver Properties for more advanced users.

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