Calculated Column

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The Calculated Column form lets you add calculated columns to your subjects using a Progress 4GL statement.





First, enter a valid name for your calculated column. The name must be unique and contain only valid characters.


Next select an appropriate data type for your column, and enter an appropriate Progress format string. For more details on Progress data types and formats see the Progress documentation.


Finally, enter a valid Progress expression for your calculated column.


If you want to include database columns available in your subject in your calculated column, simply select the required column using the Available Columns list, then double click on the item. When a query using the subject is executed, the value of this column will be substituted into your expression.


You can also select and insert into your expression the standard Progress Functions.


The list of Available Columns and Functions can each be filtered using the appropriate Filter Box and Data can be Previewed using the Data Preview Button.


Once you have finished entering your calculated column, press OK to continue.

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