Configuring the Analytics Engine

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DataPA OpenAnalytics supports a wide range of different query types. Some can be created immediately after installing the product, without any further configuration. However, for some query types you may need to configure the Analytics Engine.


If your organisation already runs DataPA OpenAnalytics against the business application(s) you wish to retrieve data from, then the Systems, Links and Subjects that you require may already be hosted on a DataPA Enterprise Server, a shared network drive, a web server or a Progress AppServer.  To start creating and running queries all you will need to do is set your Data Location to the relevant entry.




Set Up a DataPA System


See Systems for notes on how to Create A New System.


Set Up the Links for your DataPA System


The quickest way to do this is to Import Links From The Database.  However you can also Create or Modify Links of your own.


Set Up Subjects


See Subjects for notes on how to Create A New Subject.


You are now ready to Create Queries and Run Queries.


Note.  It is advised that you read the Analytics Engine chapter to find out more about configuring DataPA.


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