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The Dashboard Properties Data Management Tab allows you to manage how queries manage data in the dashboard when they are refreshed.


By default, when a query retrieves new data from the server, it will completely clear the old data and build the dashboard with only the data returned in the last refresh. However, on occasions you may want to alter this behaviour. For instance, if you are building a dashboard that shows sales for the last three years, you could build your query to only return order data that has been created since the last time the query was returned. In this case, you want the query to add the new order data to the data previously returned, that shows orders from the last three years.


To change a query to accumulate data on the next refresh, follow these steps;



Select the query you wish to accumulate data in the queries list




Select the Each time the query is refreshed, add the results to the existing data option. You can optionally request that the data is cleared the next time the query is refreshed (and then accumulated thereafter) by checking the Clear old data next time the query is refreshed option.


NB. If you edit the query, the data will be cleared next time it is refreshed.


You can optionally apply a filter to the existing data before any new data is added. For instance, if the query is returning this months orders, you may wish to filter out any existing values for this months orders to ensure the figures are not greater than they should be.


To apply a filter, check the Apply a filter to the old data before adding new data option. This will open the Define the Data Filter screen to allow you to define the filter to apply to the data.


You can modify an existing filter by pressing the filter button.


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