Default Groups

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There are two groups created automatically by DataPA which cannot be removed:




The administrators group has full permissions and cannot be removed, although it may be renamed. By default there is a user - admin - configured as a member of this group. The initial password for this user is "admin".


The idea of having an admin user belonging to the administrator group which cannot be removed is to make it impossible to get into a situation where the security setup can no longer be maintained.


Although the admin user cannot be removed, the admin password can be changed to prevent other users accessing the account.




Similarly to the administrators group, the default group cannot be removed, although it may be renamed. The text "Default" is appended to the name in parenthesis so that even if it is renamed it is still apparent that it is the default group.


Unlike the administrators group, the default group can have it's permissions items changed.


The purpose of the default group is to catch users for whom the system cannot determine to which group they belong. Such a situation may arise if

The group to which a user belongs is deleted, or
Business logic is used to assign users to groups, and the business logic returns an unknown group.


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