DataPA Enterprise Dashboard Controls API Reference
Contains objects to manage the core functionality of the DataPA Client applications


  Class Description
Public class AboutScreen
Class thats supports the display of the DataPA OA4 About screen.
Public class ClientConfig
Class provides core configuration behaviour for the DataPA client applications.
Public class ConnectionEventArgs
Event aurguments for SelectedConnectionChanged event.
Public class DBLinksFinishArgs
Information passed with the DBLinksFinish event. Success, ErrorMessage, loaded links count...
Public class ImportExport
DataPA SetUp Import/Export API
Public class LicenseInfo
Class contains information relating to the currently installed or loaded license on the client.
Public class PublishedContent
Class that represents a published dashboard, report or query on the server.
Public class PublishedContentCollection
Class that represents a collection of published dashboards, reports or queries on the server.
Public class SecurityInfo
Class provides properties and methods to retrieve security settings from the AppServer or Enterprise Service to be applied to the client.
Public class SessionManager
Public class SetupEventArgs
Event aurguments for SetupChanged event.
Public class SetupManager
Class provides access to the setup files that define systems, links, lookups and subjects. The class handles retrieving these files from the AppServer, WebServer, DataPA Enterprise Server or local disk depending on the data location settings. It also handles the writing and transaction locking on these files for each of the different location types.
Public class ShouldItemBeExportedArgs
When ExportData runs, it raises the ExportThis event for every system and subject in the set-up data. The caller must handle said event, which passes an instance of this class. The caller should examine the read-only properties an set the ExportItem property to indicate whether this item should be exported
Public class SplashScreen
Class thats supports the display of a splash screen.
Public class SystemStructure
Class provides access to the structures that make up systems: databases, tables, fields and business logic procedures. The class handles retrieving these structures from the AppServer or Local Cache.




  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ClientConfig..::..AllowOpenFromServerFileType
The type of object that the ShowManagePublished method can return.
Public enumeration ClientConfig..::..ContentTypeEnum
The type content
Public enumeration ClientConfig..::..DataLocationTypeEnum
The type of data location
Public enumeration SessionManager..::..DataFileFormatEnum
Data file format
Public enumeration ShouldItemBeExportedArgs..::..ExportObjectType