DataPA Enterprise Dashboard Controls API Reference


  Class Description
Public class AppServerDetail
Class that displays the AppServer Details for a Connection.
Public class CategoriesCollection
An enumerated collection of Category objects.
Public class Category
Class that defines a particular category or sub category in DataPA Enterprise.
Public class Group
Class that defines a particular group in DataPA Enterprise.
Public class GroupsCollection
An enumerated collection of Group objects.
Public class SerializationManager
Object provides methods to serialize the security objects to and from a binary array.
Public class ServerSecurity
Class that defines the security settings for in DataPA Enterprise.
Public class ServerUtils
Public class TwitterAccount
Object represents a twitter account that DataPA OpenAnalytics has been authorised to tweet to.
Public class TwitterAccounts
An enumerated collection of TwitterAccount objects.
Public class User
Class that defines a particular User in DataPA Enterprise.
Public class UserPreferences
Class that stores preferences for a particular user.
Public class UsersCollection
An enumerated collection of User objects.
Public class VersionInfo
Class contains information relating to the ServerSecurityVersion.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ServerSecurity..::..EnterpriseDataFileFormatEnum
Type of Enterprise Data Location File Format.
Public enumeration ServerSecurity..::..EnterpriseDataLocationTypeEnum
Type of Enterprise Data Location.
Public enumeration ServerSecurity..::..LoggingCategory
Type of Logging Category.
Public enumeration ServerSecurity..::..LoggingMethod
Type of Logging Methods.
Public enumeration ServerSecurity..::..LoggingType
Type of Logging.