Gauge Editor Numeric Format

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The Gauge Editor window Numeric Format tab allows you to specify the numeric format used to display numbers in on the gauge.


Follow the steps below to specify the numeric format on your gauge;


First, select the maximum number of decimal places you want to show. If your values are currency values, select force trailing zeros.




You can apply scaling to your numeric values in a gauge. Scaling provides notation for large values, so for instance 1340 can be displayed as 1.34K, and 2345263 can be displayed as 2.35M. There are a number of scaling units pre-defined for you, however if these do not fit your requirements you can define your own.




To define your own scaling units, select other from the scaling units list. Next supply a comer separated list for the scaling units and the scaling values. Each entry in the scaling units list will be displayed as a suffix to your values. Each entry in the scaling values represents the amount the value will be divided by from the previous scaling unit to achieve the display value.


For instance, you could set your scaling units to "Thousands,Millions,Billions" and your scaling units to "1000,1000,1000". In this example, 1340 will be displayed as 1.34Thousands, and 2345263 will be displayed as 2.35Millions.


If the scaling units list has one more entry than the scaling values, units will be given the first entry in the list as a suffix. For instance, for time scaling units, you could set your scaling units to "minutes,hours,days,weeks,years" and your scaling values to "60,24,7,52".


If you require it select a currency symbol (value that will be displayed before your numeric values). If the value you want is not in the list, select other and enter your desired value. You can also enter a number suffix, a string that will be displayed after numeric values.


Finally, if you wish to suppress the thousand separator for numbers, select the Suppress thousand separator check box.


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