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As well as passing the Connection Parameters which locate the Appserver, when connecting you can also pass userid, password and appserver-info arguments to the Appserver.  These are then passed to the Connect procedure (if defined). If there is no Connect procedure the arguments are discarded.




If you wish to pass appserver-info on connection, type the information that needs to be passed in the 'Appserver Information' text box.


If you wish to pass userid and password arguments to the Appserver, click on the 'Prompt User For Password' check box and a Username and Password dialogue box will prompt you whenever DataPA makes a connection to the Appserver.


If you wish this particular connection to always be used for administration tasks (for example importing/building links, lookups, subjects etc) select the Always use this connection for administration checkbox.


If you wish to Enable tracing of the OpenClient connection, click on the 'Enable Tracing' checkbox, select the 'Logging Level' that you require and enter a  'Log File Name' or use the browse button to choose the location for your Log File.

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