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The "Resources" tab of the Manage Server window is intended for use by administrators to control the amount of memory and disk that can be used by the DataPA Enterprise Service. The options available are:


Maximum number of dashboards in memory mapped files

The DataPA Enterprise Service holds dashboards in memory-mapped files (meaning a portion of memory has been assigned a direct byte-for-byte correlation with the dashboard file) thus improving performance. However this can result in significant memory usage. To control this, you can set the maximum number of dashboards that can be stored in this way. If the maximum is exceeded then when a user requests an additional dashboard to be loaded they will be given an error reporting the issue.


Maximum number of dashboards in memory (actively being refreshed)

The DataPA Enterprise Server also holds dashboards in memory so they can be automatically refreshed by the Server if any dashboards have been published with auto refresh settings. This will also use memory on the machine on which the Server is running. To control this you can set the maximum number of dashboards that can be loaded into memory this way. If the limit is reached then the request to load the additional dashboard will fail and an error will be generated in the log file.


Period of inactivity before dashboard is removed from memory mapped files

This setting allows you to specify the period of time after a Dashboard is last used before unloading it from a it’s memory mapped file. This ensures that dashboards are not retained in memory mapped files if they are not being used. The period can be set in seconds minutes or hours. Increasing the period will potentially increase memory usage and performance.


Maximum memory usage to store details of all the published dashboards

The details of all the published content is stored on the server in a memory mapped file providing quick access from both DataPA Enterprise and the DataPA Enterprise Server. A maximum size needs to be provided for all memory mapped files and this setting determines that maximum for this content. If a large amount of content has been published then it is possible that the default value of this setting may need to be increased. An error will be received by a user if they attempt to publish content that results in the file exceeding this limit.


Maximum size for user directory

When users refresh queries or reports using DataPA Enterprise, the results are stored in a directory specific to that user. You can set a maximum size per user to prevent these files exceeding the available space on a disk.


Days to Keep Alert Images in Cache

Dashboards can be set to raise alerts which are raised as a notification on any associated mobile devices. When an alert is raised, an image of the chart is created and temporarily cached to be retrieved by wearable devices on request. This setting determines how long these images are kept before they are deleted by the service.

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