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You have already selected the tables or business logic that form the basis of your Subject and any queries that will be built on it.  However you may not wish all the columns in the tables or business logic procedure to be visible in any subsequent Query.  With the Subject Wizard - Select Columns form you can choose which of the table or business logic columns the users are allowed to build into their Queries.





Using the 'Table' Combo box select the table from which you wish to select the columns.  The Available Columns will be listed below. Next highlight the column you wish to select by clicking on it.  Then click on the '>' button and the column will be transferred across to the 'Selected' List.


You can select multiple Fields by holding the mouse button down and dragging over the fields in the Available List. Clicking on '>' will then move all the highlighted Columns over to the Selected List.


By clicking on the '>>' button you will Select All the Columns from All the Tables in your Subject.




This is basically the same as Selecting Columns.  Select the table whose columns you wish to deselect, and selected columns will be displayed in the 'Selected' Columns List.

Click or Click and Drag on the Field or Columns you wish to deselect and then click on the '<' button.  The deselected columns will be moved back to the bottom of the 'Available' Columns List.


By clicking on the '<<' button, you will deselect All the Columns, regardless of which Tables they were previously selected from.



NOTE you can preview a sample of the data contained in Columns via a right-click  on the column list and selecting Preview Data from the pop-up menu.


NOTE you can filter the lists by entering text into the Filter text boxes


Once you have Selected all the Columns that you wish to be included in your Subject, click on 'Next >' to move on to the Subject Wizard - Column Attributes form.




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