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Integrate web analytics into
your daily decisions

Your website is an integral part of your business. We think your web analytics should be too. DataPA OpenAnalytics makes it easy to blend Google Analytics data with information from elsewhere and share it across your organisation, making web analytics an integral part of your daily decision making.

Set your web analytics free

Google analytics provides great dashboards of it's own. However, if you want to blend web statistics with information from elsewhere, build your own bespoke views, add intelligent alerts or embed those dashboards in your own apps and share them across your organisation, you need a little bit more. That's why we've made it really easy to access Google Analytics data from DataPA OpenAnalytics.

Easily access to data from the world’s favourite web analytics

Few companies do not use Google Analytics to track and analyse visits to their website.

That's why we have made Google Analytics integration simple with DataPA OpenAnalytics. Simply enter your Google account details, and with a few clicks you can be blending web analytics with information from your business applications and elsewhere, to produce dashboards that give a complete picture of your organisations performance.

Build a complete picture of your organisation

Accessing your Google Analytics data to blend and create your own bespoke views with DataPA OpenAnalytics is as simple as entering your account details and choosing the data you want. Embedding those dashboards into applications or websites of your own, couldn't be simpler (take a look).

With DataPA OpenAnalytics, informing day to day decisions with web analytics becomes simple.

Add intelligent alerts to your web analytics

Imagine if your staff knew immediately when anything important happened on your website. They could sense when a large order was placed, there was a sudden drop or increase in traffic, or the bounce rate for the shopping cart suddenly increased.

With DataPA Enterprise you can create intelligent alerts to notify anyone of any business event, anywhere at any time.

Embed web analytics into your apps

Embed live Google Analytics dashboards into your apps

It's easier than you think. Take a look.

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