Configuring The Progress AppServer

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There are a few steps to follow to ensure that your software is correctly configured.



Ensure that a Progress AppServer is set up and running

DataPA uses a Progress AppServer Connection to run procedures against the application database.  An AppServer therefore needs to be set up and running against that database.


You can find information on setting up and starting AppServers in the OpenEdge Application Server: Administration guide.


Copy the DataPA Procedure Library onto the server.

The DataPA procedure library (see here for details on which library you should use) should be placed on the server with any other Progress server side source code.  The procedure libraries are in the progsrc directory, a sub-directory of the directory where DataPA was installed (C:\Program Files\DataPA\ProgSrc\ by default). If you are using FTP to copy the files to the server, make sure you use a binary copy.



Ensure that the correct DataPA Procedure Library is in the PROPATH of the AppServer




Click on the 'Start' button, select 'Programs', 'PROGRESS', 'Progress Explorer Tool', and the Progress Explorer screen will be displayed.  In the tree view click on the + next to the relevant server to reveal the Appserver folder.  Click on the + by the AppServer folder. Right click on the relevant AppServer and select 'Properties'.  In the Properties screen click on the + next to Server and select 'General'.


You can then edit the PROPATH to include the path and filename of the DataPA appropriate procedure library (see choosing the correct procedure library).  You can use the Browse button to select.


NOTE. the full procedure library path name must be included in the AppServer Propath.




The first time you Start DataPA you will need to enter your License Code and Configure DataPA.


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