Control Panel - Object Tab

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The Object Tab provides access to commands to modify the appearance and behaviour of the selected control in the control panel.


The object tab is only available when a control is selected in the work area. To open the object tab, make sure a control is selected in the work area, then click on it in the window header.



Edit Label - Opens the label window to allow you to modify the label or title text of the selected control.


The label panel allows you to change the appearance of the selected control.


You can change the text appearance of the label or title by selecting the font, font size, any text decoration (bold, italic, underline or strike-through), and the colour.


You can change the orientation of the entire control in the panel by selecting the horizontal and vertical alignment.




Drop Down Contents - Opens the drop down contents window to allow you to specify how the drop down list in the selected control is populated.



Slider Scale - Opens the slider properties window to allow you to specify how the scale for the slider is calculated


Linked Query Parameters - Allows you to specify which query parameters this control panel object updates. Only query parameters with the same data type, mandatory setting and lookup will be offered.


Linked Queries - Allows you to specify which queries this button will refresh.


Change Image - Allows you to browse to an alternative image.


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