Control Panel - Panel Tab

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The Panel Tab provides access to commands to add and remove objects from, and change the appearance of, the control panel you are currently editing.


To open the panel tab, click on it in the window header.



Add Title - Adds a title object to the control panel and opens the label window to allow you to enter the text for your title. You can change the appearance of your title using the object tab.



Add Query Parameter - Opens a drop down menu that allows you to select a single required field value defined in one of the queries in the dashboard. A query parameter object is added to your control panel that allows this required field value to be set. The type and label of query parameter object added depends on the definition of the required field value.

When a user changes the value of the required field value using the query parameter object, the query will automatically be refreshed if there are no refresh query buttons defined for this query. You can specify that this object should update more than one query parameter using the Linked Query Parameter button.



Add Filter Parameter - Opens a drop down list that allows you to select the type of filter parameter you wish to add to your control panel. Filter parameters are objects that allow a user to specify a value that can be used to filter dashboard objects in your dashboard. This video demonstrates creating and using a filter parameter.


There are four types of filter parameter described in the table below;

Drop down List

Allows the user to select a value from a pre-defined list of values. For details on specifying a drop down list filter parameter see defining drop down contents.

Date Picker

Allows the user to select a date value.


A slider control allows the user to select a numeric value between a predefined minimum and maximum. For details on specifying a slider filter parameter see defining slider filter parameters.

Check Box

Allows a user to select a true or false value.



Add Refresh Query Button - Opens a drop down menu that allows you to select one or all of the queries in the dashboard, and adds a button to your dashboard that will refresh that query or queries. If a query has associated Query Parameter objects, changing a value in those objects will cause the query to refresh unless the dashboard contains a refresh query button that refreshes that query. You can modify which queries this button refreshes with the Linked Queries button.



Delete Dashboard Object - Delete the selected control panel object.


Move Dashboard Object Up - Moves the selected control panel object up one place in the control panel.



Move Dashboard Object Down - Moves the selected control panel object down one place in the control panel.



Cut Control Panel Object - Deletes the selected control panel object and copies it to the clipboard.



Copy Control Panel Object - Copies the selected control panel to the clipboard.


Paste Control Panel Object - Pastes a copied control panel object on to the control panel.



Preview Control Panel - Removes the selection from the control panel so you can see how it will appear in the dashboard.



Change Background Colour - Opens a colour selection drop down that allows you to specify the background colour of the dashboard panel.



Tab Title - Opens the label editor that allows you to change the text that is displayed in the tab above the control panel when the containing tab is in design mode.

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