Dashboard Properties Refresh Schedule Tab

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The Dashboard Properties window Refresh Schedule tab allows you to define if, and when the queries in your dashboard are automatically refreshed.


You can set the refresh schedule for all queries in your dashboard, or each query individually.




To define the refresh schedule of all the queries in the dashboard, select All Queries in the tree view.


If the screen does not allow you to define all the refresh schedule settings for all queries, it is because some queries have settings different from the others.


To enable all the settings for all queries, make sure all queries have the same settings. You can do this quickly by pressing the Reset Defaults button.


To define the refresh schedule for a single query, select the query you want to edit in the tree view.




If you want the query to be automatically refreshed when the dashboard is opened (both in the client and web), select the Refresh query when dashboard is opened option.


If you want the query to be periodically refreshed, select the Automatically refresh the query every option,  set the inter-refresh time interval and the required start time.


It may be that the AppServer your query needs to connect to has security applied, and as such a username and password is required to connect. When the query is automatically refreshed by the DataPA Enterprise service, the service will use the username and password entered in the data access screen. If you would like the service to use a different username and password, you can enter one here that will override the default,


If you want the query to only ever be refreshed by the DataPA Enterprise Service, set the Do not auto refresh on the client (only on the server) option.

If you set the refresh interval for a particular query to a short period, and the period expires while the particular, or another query is refreshing, the query is queued for refresh at the next possible interval.


The last refresh time is stored within the query. This means if you save and close a dashboard, then re-open it, the refresh interval will be calculated from the last time the query was refreshed.


If you cancel a query refresh, or the refresh fails, the query will not be automatically refreshed until the query is either manually refreshed successfully or you re-open the dashboard.



To reset the default settings for all queries, press the Reset Defaults button. This will set the refresh on open and auto refresh options to false, and the time interval to 5 minutes for all queries.

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