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Please note, from DataPA version 4.5 on, the Select Connection screen documented here is only applicable to the DataPA Report Designer and MS Excel/Access add-ins. In the DataPA Enterprise Dashboard, it has been replaced by the Connections Tab of the Dashboard Properties screen.


The Select Connection form allows you to select an alternative connection for a system. For details on using more than one connection for a system, see System Wizard - Enter Connection Details.


By selecting an alternative connection, you will override the default connection for the System for the current user on the machine in use. This setting will remain until you change it.


To open the Select Connection form, press the Select Connection button on the toolbar on the DataPA main screen. (NB: The icon will only be visible if there are more than one connections available for one system).




To select an alternative connection, select the System on the left-hand side, then select the required connection on the right hand side, then press OK to finish.




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