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This Option is only available in the DataPA Report Designer.


The reports you create in DataPA use DataPA Queries as a data source.  To ensure the integrity of a report the Query is bound to it and can not be used elsewhere.  However, you may wish to use the Query to produce other reports, or to populate a spreadsheet.  So that this is possible, there is a Share Query option in the DataPA Setup.  This Option lets you save an unbound copy of the Query which can then be accessed by yourself and/or other DataPA users for other reports or applications.



The Share Query option lets you save a copy of the Query that is bound to the report you currently have open.  You therefore need to have a report open before you can share the Query behind it.


To share the Query...


Click on 'Setup' in the Menu bar and then click on 'Share Query'.




Click on 'Setup' in the Outlook bar and then click on 'Share Query'.



You will be presented with a Save dialogue box asking you to 'Please choose DataPA Query file to save to'....


The File name will default to the name of the Query that has been bound to the report.  This name can be re-used to save the copy as the original Query was saved as part of the report.  If you wish, Enter another name or select a name of an existing Query to be overwritten, then click on 'Save' or if you have changed your mind 'Cancel'.

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