ODBC Connection Details

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The ODBC Connection Details screen (pictured below) allows you to define the connection details for a single ODBC connection.


Enter the connection details, then press OK to save your changes. The connection details are defined below.




Connection Name: The name by which this connection will appear in the Select Connection screen.


DataPA Enterprise Host (Optional): DataPA can make the ODBC connection from either the client application or alternatively via a DataPA Enterprise server. If a connection is to be made via a DataPA Enterprise Server then enter the host name of the server which has been configured to provide DataPA server-side data access. This field is only displayed when the selected Connection Type is Remote


The reason you may want to connect via a DataPA Enterprise server is to increase the performance of the ODBC connection over a slow network. The query is then executed from the DataPA Enterprise server rather than from the client and the results are passed back from the DataPA Enterprise server to the client.



Connection String: A valid connection string to connect to a data source.  For details on the connection string see Configuring the SQL data sources.


Prompt User For Password: Check this option if you want the user to be prompted for a username and password when connecting to the server. The username and password will be added to the connection string when the server attempts to provide access to the data source on the server.


Test Server Connection On Finish: If the Test Server Connection On Finish check box is checked when you exit the screen, the connection will be checked before the screen exits.

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