Subject Wizard - Select Business Object

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The Subject Wizard - Select Business Object screen allows you to determine which kind of subject you wish to create, and for business logic and smart data object (Progress Systems only) subjects, select the business logic procedure.


Each type of subject is described in more detail below:




Freeform Subjects

A freeform subject allows you to create a subject based on a SQL query (SQL Systems) or Progress For Each statement (Progress Systems). This type of subject requires no business logic on the server and as such can be created entirely with the subject wizard.


Business Logic Subject

A business logic subject allows you to build a subject based on a business logic procedure available on the server. When the Create business logic subject option is selected, a list of available business logic procedures will be available in the combo-box. You must select a business logic procedure to continue.


For SQL Systems, this list of business logic procedures will contain all appropriate stored procedures available on the server.


For Progress Systems, the list of business logic procedures will contain all functions available in the AppServer super-procedure stack that return a single handle. For the subject creation to succeed, the server-side function must return a temp table with the handle. For details on the AppServer super procedure stack and functions, please refer to the Progress documentation.




SmartDataObject Subject (Progress System only)

A SmartDataObject subject allows you to build subjects using Progress ADM2 or Progress Dynamics SmartDataObjects. To create a SmartDataObject Subject, select the Create SmartDataObject subject option, then enter the name of the SmartDataObject in the combo box.
NOTE. For ADM2 SDO's the AppServer must find the SDO in the PROPATH. You must ensure you enter the qualified pathname for the Smart Data Object as it would appear in a run statement on the Appserver.

Alternatively, click on the drop down button on the combo box to list previously used SDOs from which you can select.

If you wish to use a Dynamics SmartDataObject (System must be a Progress Dynamics System) , simply check the Dynamic SmartDataObject option and enter the name of the SDO.



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