System Wizard - Enter Other System Details

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The System Wizard - Enter Other details form (Pictured Below) allows you to select the type of system you wish to create, and whether or not the user can create a query with more than one subject. Please note this option is only available for systems which are Progress AppServer based.





To create a system based on an ODBC connection, select the ODBC based system option.


To create a system based on a Progress AppServer connection, select the Progress AppServer System option.


For Progress AppServer based systems only if you wish end users to be able to combine one or more subjects in a single query, check the Allow multiple subjects in one query check box. For information on combining subjects, see Query Wizard - Add Multiple Subjects to Query.


Also for Progress AppServer based systems only if you wish user to be able to select lookups in the query wizard, check the Allow users to specify lookups in query option.  


Once you have selected the options you require, click on 'Next' to proceed to the System Wizard - Enter Connection Details.  If you do not wish to continue you can click on 'Cancel' at any time.




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