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The Manage Published screen is intended to maintain content which has been published to the DataPA Enterprise Service.


Please note that, if security is enabled in your DataPA environment, then you need to be logged in as a user belonging to a group with the "Members of this group can publish content" permission item checked before you can access this screen.


There are currently three types of content that may be published from the various components of the DataPA product suite to the DataPA Enterprise Service:

Queries from the MS Excel add-in
Dashboards from the DataPA Dashboard Designer
Reports from the DataPA Report Designer


The Manage Published screen can be accessed from each of these locations, as described in their help entries.



The Refresh button will query the DataPA Enterprise Service and rebuild the list of content in case it has been changed.


The Restart Auto Update button is only applicable for dashboards whose queries have been set to refresh automatically. Selecting this option refreshes the query and sets the start time in the Refresh Schedule screen to the current time.


The Open button will open the selected content, however this is context sensitive, it will only be enabled if

You have a dashboard selected and the screen was launched from the Dashboard Designer
You have a query selected and the screen was launched from the Excel / Access add-in
You have a report selected and the screen was launched from the Report Designer.


The Delete button will remove the selected content from the DataPA Enterprise Service.


The Up and Down buttons can be used to reorder the content.


If you right click on a category, dashboard, report or query on this screen when you will have the option Copy Enterprise URL to Clipboard which will copy the URL you need to view that content directly in DataPA Enterprise. This is particularly useful if you are embedding content in a third party web application.

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