Query Condition - 2 Subjects

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When building a Multiple Subject Query, a Query for a drill down report, or a drill down Query for the Dashboard, at least one of the Query Conditions should relate a column in the Child Subject, report or dashboard to a column in the Parent Subject, Report or Dashboard.  As well as Conditions which relate the two Subjects, Reports or Dashboards, you can also build Conditions which compare a Column in the Child Subject with a fixed Expression or Value.





Using the first combo box select a Column in the Child Subject.


Then select a Qualifier.


As long as there are compatible Columns available in the Parent Table, select the appropriate Column from the last combo box.


Then Click on 'OK'.

If there are no Compatible Columns in the Parent Subject to match the Column chosen from the Child Subject, the Parent Subject Column combo box will be disabled and you will have to create an Expression Condition.  Even if Parent Subject Columns are available you can still opt to use an Expression Condition.





Select the desired Column in the Child Subject Column combo box.


Then select the appropriate Qualifier.


If you are not forced to create an Expression Condition, you can still do so by clicking on the Expression check box.


Type your value or expression in the panel provided,or generate using the column and function options, that will be evaluated when the query is run.

You can enter any valid Progress expression. Then click on 'OK'.


If you need to create an Expression Condition which is a function of, or contains one of the columns in the Parent subject, select the column from the available columns list.

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