Query Wizard - SQL

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In the previous step the Query Wizard - Select Subject you chose not to select a Subject from the drop down list and therefore decided to base the Query on an SQL select statement.




The SQL select statement that will be used to retrieve data for this query can be typed into the editor on the right of the form.


You can expand a database table in the treeview to see what fields are available from it.


You can insert a table or field into your SQL select statement simply by double clicking on it in the treeview.

If you think the database schema has changed then you can force a refresh of the treeview by right clicking on the database name at the top of the treeview and select Refresh DB Schema.

Once you have defined your SQL select statement click 'Next >' to move to the next screen the Query Wizard - Finished screen. Your syntax will be checked at this point by performing a test execution of the SQL. If there are any errors you will be provided with a description of the error.

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