Adding sub reports to a report

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DataPA allows reports to contain any number of child reports called sub reports. Child reports, or Sub reports, are executed each time their parent section (the section in which the Sub report is placed) is printed. Sub reports can be based on the same data as the parent report, or child data based on a query containing multiple subjects, with split results selected so the query returns more than one recordset. You can add one sub report for each subject in your query. Once a sub report has been added, you can edit the sub report to define its contents and appearance, and delete the sub report to remove it.




Adding a sub report


Select the Sub Reports button from the Tools Panel.




Select the for subject you wish to add a report, and press Add Report



Draw the sub report on to a section of the parent report.



Enter a unique name for your sub report.




Editing a sub report


To edit the contents of your sub report, select the sub report in the sections panel, press the right mouse button and select Edit Sub Report.


This will open the sub report in the report designer allowing you to design the sub report.



To close a sub report and return to the parent report, select the Close Report button.




Deleting a sub report


Select the sub report in the sections panel, then either press the delete key, or press the right mouse button and select delete from the drop down menu.


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