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DataPAEnterpriseDashboard Namespace DataPA OpenAnalytics
DataPA OpenAnalytics API Reference
Contains the DashboardDesigner control, and all objects that build a DataPA Enterprise Dashboard.
  Class Description
Public class AddressSearchEventArgs
Event aurguments passed by MapDataPlot in the AddressSearchProgress Event.
Public class AlertCondition
Class to define a condition for an alert on a dashboard object
Public class AlertConditions
An enumerated collection of AlertCondition objects.
Public class AlertMenuItemClass
Public class ApplyingDataGridLayoutEventArgs
Event aurguments passed by DashboardDesigner in ApplyingDataGridLayoutEventArgs event.
Public class ApplyingDataViewerLayoutEventArgs
Event aurguments passed by DashboardDesigner in ApplyingDataViewerLayoutEventArgs event.
Public class AutoRefreshQueryRequestEventArgs
Event aurguments passed by ManagedDashboard in AutoRefreshQueryRequest event.
Public class BeforeBuildObjectEventArgs
Event aurguments passed by DashboardDesigner in BeforeBuildObject event.
Public class CalculatedColumn
Class to define a calculated column to be added to a dataset in a dashboard query
Public class CalculatedColumns
An enumerated collection of CalculatedColumns.
Public class Category
Class to define a particular Category for a dashboard alert
Public class ChartContextMenueventArgs
Event aurguments passed by DashboardChart in ContextMenuItemSelected event.
Public class CheckUserDirObjectClass
Public class Collection
Substitute for Microsoft.VisualBasic.Collection that implements a keys property
Public class ColumnPreferences
Object to store column preferences.
Public class ComRegistrationException
Public class ControlPanelObject
Object that represents a single control object on a DashboardObject with the ObjectType of ChartTypeControlPanel.
Public class ControlPanelObjects
An enumerated collection of ControlPanelObjects.
Public class CubeDataRenderer
Builds a cube from a specified data set.
Public class DashboardAfterRefreshDataArgs
Event aurguments passed by ManagedDashboard in AfterRefreshdata event.
Public class DashboardAlert
Class to define an alert on a dashboard
Public class DashboardAlertEventArgs
Event aurguments passed by ManagedDashboard in Alert event.
Public class DashboardAlerts
An enumerated collection of DashboardAlert objects.
Public class DashboardAPIParameter
Object that represents a value used allow dashboards to be filtered via the API
Public class DashboardAPIParameters
Public class DashboardBeforeRefreshDataArgs
Event aurguments passed by ManagedDashboard in BeforeRefreshdata event.
Public class DashboardChart
Public class DashboardDataStore
Stores data for a specific instance of a dashboard.
Public class DashboardDesigner
Enterprise Dashboard control that exposes functionality to view and edit DataPA Enterprise ManagedDashboard objects.
Public class DashboardFilter
Specifies the data filter to be applied to a data source for a dashboard object.
Public class DashboardFilterCondition
Specifies a single condition for the data filter to be applied to a data source for a dashboard object.
Public class DashboardFilterConditions
An enumerated collection of DashboardFilterCondition objects.
Public class DashboardLoader
Provides methods to re-create saved ManagedDashboard objects
Public class DashboardManifest
Manifest object to provide rapid access to dashboard properties.
Public class DashboardModifiedEventArgs
Event aurguments passed by ManagedDashboard in DashboardModified event.
Public class DashboardObject
Object that represents a single visual object on a DashboardTab object.
Public class DashboardObjectEventArgs
Event aurguments passed by DashboardDesigner in event srelating to a dashboard object.
Public class DashboardObjects
An enumerated collection of DashboardObjects.
Public class DashboardPublishEventArgs
Event aurguments passed by ManagedDashboard in BeforeSave event.
Public class DashboardQueries
An enumerated collection of DashboardQueries.
Public class DashboardQuery
Dashboard wrapper for a DataPA.Query object, allows specification of timing events.
Public class DashboardSavingEventArgs
Event aurguments passed by ManagedDashboard in BeforeSave event.
Public class DashboardSkin
Defines the skin used to define the appearance of the Dashboard.
Public class DashboardSkinSeriesDetails
Defines the details for a specific series in the dashboard.
Public class DashboardTab
Object representing a visual tab on a Managed dashboard.
Public class DashboardTabs
An enumerated collection of DashboardTabs.
Public class DataProviderGroupColumn
Public class DataProviderSumColumn
Public class DataViewerColumn
Object representing a data viewer column column.
Public class DataViewerColumns
Public class dgShowFilterString
Public class DrillDown
Handles drill down functionality for DashboardObjects.
Public class DrillDownEventArgs
Event aurguments passed by Dashboard in BeforeDrillDown and AfterDrillDown events.
Public class DrillDownGridColumnDetails
Event aurguments passed by Dashboard in BeforeDrillDown and AfterDrillDown events.
Public class DrillDownGridRowDetails
Event aurguments passed by Dashboard in BeforeDrillDown and AfterDrillDown events.
Public class DrillDownRequestEventArgs
Event aurguments passed by DashboardObjectPanel and FlashBrowsers in DrillDownRequest event.
Public class FileDialogEventArgs
Event aurguments passed by DashboardDesigner before showing the file dialog.
Public class FilterNode
Class that represents a specific node in a treeview filter panel.
Public class FilterNodes
An enumerated collection of FilterNodes.
Public class frmAlert
Public class frmAlertCondition
Public class frmPivotTable
Public class frmProperties
Public class GaugeData
Object that resolves data values for a gauge
Public class GetObjectListArrayResponseClass
Public class GroupColumn
Object representing a grouping column.
Public class GroupColumns
An enumerated collection of GroupColumns.
Public class HyperlinkEventArgs
Event aurguments passed by BeforeHyperLink and BeforeHyperLink events of the DashboardDesigner object.
Public class inmydataQueryPush
Class to define an alert on a dashboard
Public class ManagedDashboard
Object represents a visual Dashboard that can be opend, closed, saved, viewed and edited.
Public class ManagedDashboardDashboardMetadata
Metadata on the objects in this dashboard
Public class Map
Object that represents a map on a dashboard.
Public class MapControlEventArgs
Event aurguments passed by MapControlEventHandler in the MapEvent event.
Public class MapControlEventHandler
Public class MapDataPlot
Object that represents a data plot on map.
Public class MapDataPlotChangedEventArgs
Event arguments for the MapPlotChanged event
Public class MapDataPlots
An enumerated collection of MapDataPlot objects.
Public class MapMoveEventArgs
Event aurguments passed by DashboardChart in ContextMenuItemSelected event.
Public class MapPoint
Object that represents a point on a map.
Public class MobileApplyFiltersClass
Public class MobileGetDashboardPropertiesClass
Public class MobileGetDashboardPropertiesResponseClass
Public class MobileRebuildSummaryDataClass
Public class PreProcessKeyDownEventArgs
Event aurguments passed by DashboardDesigner in the ProcessKeyDownEvent.
Public class ProcessColumnDrillDownClass
Public class ProcessDataDrillDownClass
Public class ProcessDataGridRowDrillDownClass
Public class ProcessDataRequestEventArgs
Event aurguments passed by Dashboard in ProcessDataRequest event.
Public class ProcessGroupDrillDownClass
Public class ProcessRefreshonOpenClass
Public class PushQueryResultstoinmydataCompleteEventArgs
Event arguments passed by a push to inmydata operation in the dashboard designer.
Public class PushQueryResultstoinmydataEventArgs
Event arguments passed by Push Query Results to inmydata from child form.
Public class QueryConnectionDetail
Object to store details of the refresh state for the query and a given connection.
Public class QueryConnectionDetails
Object to determine the connection handling properties of a query.
Public class QueryManifest
Manifest object to provide rapid access to query properties.
Public class Range
Object representing a range for a Gauge
Public class RangeCollection
Public class RangeValue
Object representing a value of a range for a Gauge
Public class RebuildSummaryDataClass
Public class RequestDataObjectClass
Public class RequestSignalRMessageEventArgs
Event arguments for the RequestSignalRMessageEvent event.
Public class RequiredFieldValueRequestEventArgs
Event aurguments passed by DashboardDesigner in RequiredFieldValueRequest event.
Public class RootClass
Public class SelectionDataClass
Public class Series
Class to define a particular series for a dashboard alert
Public class SeriesValue
Class to define a particular series value pair
Public class ServiceAgentRequest
Stores the definition and implements summary data.
Public class ServiceAgentResponse
Stores the definition and implements summary data.
Public class SummaryChartDrilldownClass
Public class SummaryColumn
Object representing a grouping column.
Public class SummaryColumns
An enumerated collection of SummaryColumns.
Public class SummaryData
Stores the definition and implements summary data.
Public class SummaryDataProvider
Provides intermediary summary data to improve performance when managing summaries.
Public class WebApiPostResultClass
Public class Win32
Public class YAxis
  Interface Description
Public interface AddressSearchEventArgs_AddressSearchEventArgs
Public interface Collection_Collection
Public interface DashboardAPIParameter_DashboardAPIParameter
Public interface DashboardAPIParameters_DashboardAPIParameters
Public interface DrillDownParent
Public interface FilterParameter
Interface for filter parameters that can be used in a filter
Public interface inmydataQueryPush_inmydataQueryPush
Public interface Map_Map
Public interface MapControlEventArgs_MapControlEventArgs
Public interface MapControlEventHandler__MapControlEventHandler
Public interface MapControlEventHandler_MapControlEventHandler
Public interface MapDataPlot__MapDataPlot
Public interface MapDataPlot_MapDataPlot
Public interface MapDataPlotChangedEventArgs_MapDataPlotChangedEventArgs
Public interface MapDataPlots__MapDataPlots
Public interface MapDataPlots_MapDataPlots
Public interface MapMoveEventArgs_MapMoveEventArgs
Public interface MapPoint_MapPoint
Public interface NumericFormatProvider
Interface that defines a numeric format associated with an object
Public interface PartialSummaryParent
  Delegate Description
Public delegate CalculatedColumnValuesPopulatedEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardChartContextMenuItemSelectedEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardChartDrillDownEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardChartLeftMouseDoubleClickEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardChartMapMoveEventEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardDesignerAfterDashboardPublishEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardDesignerAfterDrillDownEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardDesignerAfterHyperlinkEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardDesignerAfterPreparePrintEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardDesignerApplyingDataGridLayoutEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardDesignerApplyingDataViewerLayoutEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardDesignerAvailableCommandsChangedEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardDesignerBeforeBuildObjectEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardDesignerBeforeDashboardPublishEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardDesignerBeforeDrillDownEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardDesignerBeforeFileDialogEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardDesignerBeforeHyperlinkEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardDesignerBeforePreparePrintEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardDesignerClickEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardDesignerDashboardClosedEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardDesignerDashboardOpenedEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardDesignerDashboardRenderedEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardDesignerDblClickEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardDesignerDoubleClickDashboardObjectEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardDesignerPreProcessKeyDownEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardDesignerProcessDataRequestEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardDesignerRequiredFieldValueRequestEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardDesignerSelectedQueryChangedEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardDesignerSelectedTabChangedEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardDesignerTabsModifiedEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardObjectAddressSearchCompleteEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardObjectAddressSearchProgressEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardObjectAddressSearchStartedEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardObjectDataGridLayoutUpdateRequestEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardObjectGridDataGenerateCompleteEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardObjectMapDataPlotBuildStartedEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardObjectMapDataPlotChangedEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardObjectTreeViewDataGenerateCompleteEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardObjectxmlGenerateCompleteEventHandler
Public delegate DashboardQueryServerRequestCompleteEventHandler
Public delegate frmPropertiesPushQueryResultstoinmydataEventHandler
Public delegate ManagedDashboardAfterLoadEventHandler
Public delegate ManagedDashboardAfterRefreshDataEventHandler
Public delegate ManagedDashboardAlertEventHandler
Public delegate ManagedDashboardAutoRefreshQueryRequestEventHandler
Public delegate ManagedDashboardBeforePublishEventHandler
Public delegate ManagedDashboardBeforeRefreshDataEventHandler
Public delegate ManagedDashboardBeforeSaveEventHandler
Public delegate ManagedDashboardDashboardModifiedEventHandler
Public delegate ManagedDashboardExportObjectRequestEventHandler
Public delegate ManagedDashboardRequestSignalRMessageEventHandler
Public delegate ManagedDashboardRequiredFieldValueRequestEventHandler
Public delegate MapControlEventHandlerMapEventEventHandler
Public delegate MapDataPlotAddressSearchCompleteEventHandler
Public delegate MapDataPlotAddressSearchProgressEventHandler
Public delegate MapDataPlotAddressSearchStartedEventHandler
Public delegate MapDataPlotBuildProcessCancelledEventHandler
Public delegate MapDataPlotBuildProcessCompleteEventHandler
Public delegate MapDataPlotBuildProcessFailedEventHandler
Public delegate MapDataPlotContainingFeatureSearchCompleteEventHandler
Public delegate MapDataPlotContainingFeatureSearchStartedEventHandler
Public delegate MapDataPlotDataPlotUpdatedEventHandler
Public delegate MapDataPlotNumberOfContainingFeaturesUpdatedEventHandler
Public delegate MapDataPlotStartBuildProcessEventHandler
Public delegate MapDataPlotsAddressSearchCompleteEventHandler
Public delegate MapDataPlotsAddressSearchProgressEventHandler
Public delegate MapDataPlotsAddressSearchStartedEventHandler
Public delegate MapDataPlotsMapDataPlotBuildStartedEventHandler
Public delegate MapDataPlotsMapDataPlotChangedEventHandler
  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ControlPanelObjectControlPanelFilterControlType
Type of filter control.
Public enumeration ControlPanelObjectControlPanelImageDisplayType
Type that determines how a background image is rendered
Public enumeration ControlPanelObjectControlPanelObjectType
Type of DashboardObject.
Public enumeration ControlPanelObjectVerticalAlignment
Vertical alignment enumerated type
Public enumeration DashboardAlertAlertTypeEnum
Type that expresses the type of alert
Public enumeration DashboardAPIParameterParamaterTypeEnum
Enumeration of the valid data types for an API parameter
Public enumeration DashboardDesignerAddRequiredFieldsToControlPanelAnswerType
Enumerated Type that represents the different answers that can be given when prompting the user if they want add a control panel item for a required field
Public enumeration DashboardDesignerDashboardPageType
Enumerated Type that represents the different docking pages available in the dashboard control
Public enumeration DashboardDesignerDashboardPalette
Enumerated Type that represents the different palette styles that can be applied to the dashboard control to change its and any child forms appearance.
Public enumeration DashboardDesignerViewerSourceDataHandlingEnum
Enumerated type that represents the different methods for handling source data when a dashboard is opened in a viewer only client
Public enumeration DashboardFilterConditionFilterConditionValueTypeEnum
An enumarated type that expresses the type of value used for this condition
Public enumeration DashboardLoaderLoadSourceDataTypeEnum
Public enumeration DashboardModifiedEventArgsDashboardModifiyAction
Type of dashboard modification.
Public enumeration DashboardObjectDashboardLabelOrientationType
DashboardObject label orientation type.
Public enumeration DashboardObjectDashboardObjectType
Type of DashboardObject.
Public enumeration DashboardObjectDashboardXmlDefinitionType
The XML definition type of a DashboardObject.
Public enumeration DashboardObjectDataGridDefaultColumnFitType
Default column width type
Public enumeration DashboardObjectDataGridDisplayStyleType
The type of datagrid display style
Public enumeration DashboardObjectExportBehaviourEnum
Enumerated type that expresses the export behaviour for a dashboard object
Public enumeration DashboardObjectExportDocumentTypeEnum
Enumerated type to express the different export document types
Public enumeration DashboardObjectSourceDataRequirementEnum
Enumerated type that represents the reason an object requires source data
Public enumeration DashboardQueryDataManageTypeEnum
Public enumeration DashboardSkinStyleEnum
Public enumeration DrillDownDrillDownTypeDef
Type of drill down.
Public enumeration DrillDownProcessButtonLocationType
Position of the process button
Public enumeration FileDialogEventArgsFileOperationType
The type of file dialog operation a FileDialogEventArgs object is associated with.
Public enumeration GaugeDataAnnotationPositionEnum
Enumerated type that expresses the positioning of labels within a gauge
Public enumeration GroupColumnPivotTableDimensionType
Pivot table column dimension type
Public enumeration ManagedDashboardDashboardClientTypes
Enumerated Type that represents the different types of client that could be consuming a dashboard. This type is used to perform possible different behaviour for each type of client.
Public enumeration MapDataPlotColorPlotTypeEnum
Enumerated type that determins how colours are calculated to represent values on the map
Public enumeration MapDataPlotMapDataPlotTypeEnum
Enumerated type that determines how the map data plot will be represented on the map
Public enumeration QueryConnectionDetailsConnectionHandlingTypeEnum
Public enumeration RangeRangeTypeEnum
Enumerated type that expresses the type of range value for this object
Public enumeration RangeValueMinMaxEnum
Enumerated type that expresses whether this range value represents a minimum or maximum
Public enumeration RangeValueValueTypeEnum
Enumerated type that expresses the type of range value for this object
Public enumeration SummaryColumnDataGridSummaryColumnFormatType
Type representing the type of formating that will be applied to the column in a datagrid.
Public enumeration SummaryColumnPivotTotalSourceType
Type representing how averages in a pivot table are calculated
Public enumeration SummaryColumnSummaryDataDisplayType
Type representing the type of object that will be used to display this summary column.
Public enumeration SummaryColumnSummaryDataSummaryType
Type representing the summary operation this column will use.
Public enumeration SummaryDataSummaryDataDateGroupType
Date display type.
Public enumeration SummaryDataSummaryDataIterationType
Type of iteration.
Public enumeration SummaryDataSummaryDataMonthType
Month type.
Public enumeration SummaryDataSummaryDataShowGroupType
Type of grouping.
Public enumeration SummaryDataSummaryDataSummarySortType
Type of sort.
Public enumeration Win32Bool
Public enumeration YAxisYAxisTypeEnum
A value that indicates the type of YXaxis