DataPA OpenAnalytics Help Manual
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IconGetting Started
IconStarting DataPA
IconLicense Code Entry
IconConfiguring the Analytics Engine
IconClient Settings
IconData Location
IconAppServer Connection Details
IconAppServer Connection Details - General
IconAppServer Connection Details - Advanced
IconAutomatic Updating
IconAnalytics Engine (Administrator)
IconModify Analytics Engine
IconDataPA Analytics Engine
IconCreate A New System
IconModify An Existing System
IconSystem Wizard - Introduction
IconSystem Wizard - Name and Description
IconSystem Wizard - Enter Other System Details
IconSystem Wizard - Enter Connection Details
IconODBC Connection Details
IconProgress Connection Details
IconProgress Connection Details - General
IconProgress Connection Details - Advanced
IconProgress Connection Details - Tuning
IconAppServer Details
IconSystem Wizard - Finished
IconDelete System
IconImport Links From Database
IconLoad Default Links Wizard - Introduction
IconLoad Default Links Wizard - Select System
IconLoad Default Links Wizard - Select Tables
IconLoad Default Links Wizard - Ready to run
IconLoad Default Links Wizard - Finished
IconCreate or Modify Links
IconCreate A New Link
IconModify An Existing Link
IconLink Wizard - Introduction
IconLink Wizard - Select System
IconLink Wizard - Select Tables To Join
IconLink Wizard - Define Join
IconLink Condition
IconLink Wizard - Finished
IconDelete Link
IconCreate or Modify Subjects
IconCreate A New Subject
IconModify An Existing Subject
IconSubject Wizard - Introduction
IconSubject Wizard - Name and Description
IconSubject Wizard - Select System
IconSubject Wizard - Select Smart Data Object
IconSubject Wizard - Parameter Values
IconTest Execution Parameters
IconSubject Wizard - Select Tables
IconSubject Wizard - Define Criteria
IconSubject Condition
IconFunction Wizard - Name and Description
IconFunction Wizard - Parameters
IconFunction Wizard - Expression
IconSubject Wizard - Select Columns
IconSubject Wizard - Calculated Columns
IconCalculated Column
IconSubject Wizard - Column Attributes
IconSubject Wizard - Finished
IconDelete Subject
IconClone Subjects
IconCreate A New Lookup
IconModify An Existing Lookup
IconLookup Wizard - Introduction
IconLookup Wizard - Name
IconLookup Wizard - Select System
IconLookup Wizard - Select Table
IconLookup Wizard - Add Conditions
IconLookup Wizard - Select Columns
IconLookup Wizard - Lookup Options
IconLookup Wizard - Finished
IconUpdate Lookups Wizard
IconUpdate Lookups Wizard - Introduction
IconUpdate Lookups Wizard - Select System
IconUpdate Lookups Wizard - Select Tables
IconUpdate Lookups Wizard - Finish
IconImport Export Wizard
IconImport Export Wizard - Introduction
IconImport Export Wizard - Select Import or Export Type
IconImport Export Wizard - Select Data to Export
IconImport Export Wizard - Select File
IconImport Export Wizard - Select System Other Details
IconImport Export Wizard - Change Database Name
IconImport Export Wizard - Select Tables for Default Links
IconImport Export Wizard - Finished
IconSave Changes
IconManage Published
IconShare Query
IconSelect Connection
IconServer Administration
IconDataPA Enterprise Server
IconAccess Security
IconValidate users from DataPA Enterprise user security
IconValidate users from an AppServer connect procedure
IconValidate users from Active Directory
IconDefault Groups
IconGroup Permission Items
IconData Access
IconService Agents
IconProcessing Agents
IconFile Management
IconProgress Server Administration
IconConfiguring The Progress AppServer
IconConfiguring the OpenEdge AppServer
IconChoosing the correct procedure library
IconAppServer Connect Procedure
IconControlling DataPA Setup from the Server
IconLocking the AppServer
IconLocking the AppServer OpenEdge 11
IconSetting Server Timeout Option
IconSettingServerTimeout OpenEdge 11
IconSQL Connection Administration
IconConfiguring the SQL connections
IconSubject Explorer
IconData Preview
IconQuery Options - Application Add-In
IconCreate A New Query
IconOpen An Existing Query
IconSave Query
IconRun Query
IconPublish Query
IconQuery Properties
IconQuery Connection
IconSelect A Connection
IconClose Query
IconQuery Wizard
IconQuery Wizard - Introduction
IconQuery Wizard - Create New or Copy Existing Query
IconQuery Wizard - Name and Description
IconQuery Wizard - Select Query Type
IconQuery Wizard - Select System
IconQuery Wizard - Select Subject
IconQuery Wizard - Define Filter Conditions
IconQuery Condition
IconProgress Expression
IconProgress Operators
IconLookup Options
IconQuery Wizard - Select Columns (Standard Query)
IconQuery Wizard - Select Columns (Summary Query)
IconSummary Group Options
IconSummary Group Options - Group Options
IconSummary Group Options - Date Options
IconQuery Wizard - Select Columns (Trending Query)
IconQuery Wizard - Import data from a File
IconQuery Wizard - Select Sources (Blending Query)
IconQuery Wizard - Join Conditions ( Blending)
IconQuery Wizard - Define Join Condition (Blending Query)
IconQuery Wizard - Select Columns (Blending Query)
IconQuery Wizard - Select Account (Google Analaytics Query)
IconQuery Wizard - Select Columns (Google Analytics Query)
IconQuery Wizard - Sort Criteria ( Google Analtics Query)
IconQuery Wizard - Date Range ( Google Analtics Query)
IconQuery Wizard - Enter Class (Open API Query)
IconQuery Wizard - Select Columns (Open API QUery)
IconQuery Wizard - Sort Criteria
IconQuery Wizard - SQL
IconQuery Wizard - Add Multiple Subjects to Query
IconQuery Condition - 2 Subjects
IconQuery Wizard - Finished
IconRun Query Wizard
IconRun Query Wizard - Introduction
IconRun Query Wizard - Enter Condition Value
IconRun Query Wizard - Run Query
IconRun Query Wizard - Select Excel Parameters
IconRun Query Wizard - Export Interfaces
IconRun Query Wizard - Select Access Database Parameters
IconRun Query Wizard - Finished
IconDataPA Enterprise Dashboard
IconFile Tab
IconEdit Dashboard Tab
IconApplication Settings Tab
IconHelp Tab
IconWork Area
IconQuery Treeview
IconData Viewer
IconDashboard Work Area
IconRefresh Query Alert
IconDashboard Print Preview
IconPrint Preview
IconTab Title
IconDashboard Object Definition
IconDashboard Object Definitions - Data
IconGroup Options
IconGroup Options - Group Selection
IconGroup Options - Group Sorting
IconDefine the Data Filter
IconDefine Filter Condition
IconDefine Hyperlink
IconData Grid Column Format
IconNumeric Format
IconDashboard Object Definitions - Totals
IconDashboard Object Definitions - Appearance
IconDashboard Object Definitions - Numeric Format
IconDashboard Object Definitions - X Axis
IconDashboard Object Definitions - Y Axis
IconDashboard Object Definitions - Drill Down
IconDashboard Object Definitions - Colour
IconDashboard Object Definitions - Alerts
IconAlerts - Details
IconAlert Condition
IconAlerts - Email
IconAlerts - Twitter
IconDashboard Object Definitions - Export
IconDashboard Object Definitions - Advanced
IconGauge Editor
IconGauge Editor Data
IconGauge Editor Appearance
IconGauge Editor Numeric Format
IconGauge Editor Colour
IconGauge Editor DrillDown
IconGauge Editor Alerts
IconGauge Editor Export
IconGauge Editor Advanced
IconPivot Table Editor
IconPivot Table - Data
IconPivot Table - Totals
IconPivot Table - Appearance
IconPivot Table - Numeric Format
IconPivot Table - Font
IconPivot Table - Drill Down
IconPivot Table - Alerts
IconPivot Table - Export
IconControl Panel
IconControl Panel - Panel Tab
IconControl Panel - Object Tab
IconControl Panel - Work Area
IconDrop Down Contents
IconSlider Properties
IconSlider Properties - Range
IconSlider Properties - Numeric Format
IconTree View Selection Panel Editor
IconTree View Selection Panel - Data
IconTree View Selection Panel - Appearance
IconTree View Selection Panel - Objects to filter
IconCalculated Column Editor
IconCalculated Column Details
IconDependant Column Summary Definition
IconDashboard Properties
IconDashboard Properties Identity Tab
IconDashboard Properties Refresh Schedule Tab
IconDashboard Properties Connections Tab
IconDashboard Properties Data Management
IconDashboard Properties Tuning Tab
IconLast Refresh Details
IconShow query string
IconDataPA Report Designer
IconCreating a new report
IconOpening an existing report
IconRefreshing report data
IconDesigning a report
IconAdding fields to a report
IconAdding labels to a report
IconAdding check boxes to a report
IconAdding images to a report
IconAdding lines to a report
IconAdding shapes to a report
IconAdding page breaks to a report
IconAdding ActiveX objects to a report
IconAdding barcodes to a report
IconAdding calculated fields to a report
IconAdding summary fields to a report
IconAdding date and time to a report
IconAdding page numbers to a report
IconAdding parameter values to a report
IconAdding charts to a report
IconAdding traffic lights to a report
IconAdding gauges to a report
IconManaging Groups
IconGroup Options
IconChanging report section options
IconAdding sub reports to a report
IconManaging drill down reports
IconAdding watermarks to a report
IconFormating Text Objects
IconNumber Output Format
IconCurrency Output Format
IconDate Output Format
IconTime Output Format
IconPercentage Output Format
IconBoolean Output Format
IconCustom Output Format
IconFormating the border of objects
IconResizing Objects
IconResizing Report Sections
IconUsing the property toolbox
IconUsing the expression builder
IconUsing the IIF function
IconSetting Chart Properties
IconExporting a report
IconExport Report to Word (Rich Text Format)
IconExport Report to PDF
IconExport Report to Web Page
IconExport Report to Excel
IconExport Report to TIF
IconExport Report to Text
IconExporting a query from a report
IconPrinting a report
IconDataPA Scheduler
IconTask Options
IconSchedule Task
IconTask Properties
IconReport Options
IconReport Details
IconReport Details - Details
IconReport Details - Security
IconReport Details - Advanced
IconScheduler Options
IconMail Options
IconLogging Options
IconSecurity Settings
IconOther Options

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